Turkish Stuffed

Ingredients for Stuffed Peppers

1. 10 bell peppers
2. 1 tomato
3. 200 grams ground beef
4. 1 small onion
5. A clove of garlic
6. 1/2 cups rice (washed)
7. A tablespoon of tomato paste
8. 2 pinches of parsley
9. 200 ml olive oil
10. salt
11. dried mint
12. Cumin
13. Black pepper
  For the sauce
14. 1 teaspoon sweet chili paste
15. 500 ml water

   How to make stuffed peppers?


For making stuffed peppers; First, wash 10 medium-sized bell peppers. Remove the stems and clean the seeds with the help of a knife without damaging the peppers.

For stuffing stuffing; Put 200 g of minced meat in a medium bowl. Add half a glass of washed and drained rice to it.

Then add 1 small onion, finely chopped, 1 clove of finely chopped garlic, 1 tablespoon of tomato paste, 2 pinches of finely chopped parsley, cumin, black pepper, dried mint and salt to your taste. Finally, put half a teaspoon of olive oil in the bowl. Save some to use in your sauce.

Mix the stuffing mortar you have prepared thoroughly with your hands.

Then, fill the inner parts of the bell peppers with minced meat, leaving a little space on them, and arrange them vertically in the pot. Then cut 1 tomato into small pieces and place it on the stuffed peppers.

Finally, put 1 teaspoon of pepper paste in a small sauce pan. Add the remaining olive oil. Fry until the garlic smell goes away.

Pour a little more than 1 and a half glasses of water over the roasted tomato paste and mix. Then take it off the stove.

Sprinkle some salt over the stuffed peppers. Pour the tomato paste sauce over the stuffing.

Put the stuffed peppers you prepared on the stove and let it boil. After boiling, turn down the heat. Cook on low heat for 30 minutes until the rice swells.

After the stuffed peppers are cooked, take them off the stove and let them rest for 15 minutes. You can then serve it hot or warm.

What Kind of Meal Is Stuffed Peppers? How Else Is It?

Stuffed peppers are an indispensable main dish of Turkish cuisine. It is an easy and practical dish to make. In general, there is not much to dislike. These are the most common stuffed peppers with minced meat, meat and olive oil.

How Many Minutes It Takes to Prepare Stuffed Peppers? How Many Persons?

It takes 45 minutes in total to prepare this recipe. 15 minutes of this time is preparation time and 30 minutes is cooking time. The ingredients we have given in the recipe are for 10 stuffed peppers.


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